After a long process, the 5 m high lighting sculpture “SeaHorse” is hoisted by crane car and transported to the sea where it is mounted in its proper element. It was inaugurated September 15th at the Factory Light Festival, at Slemmestad Brygge. Now you can experience it playing with the sea and the sky, natural and integrated light at all hours! As the photos show, the dusk light and in the evening give a lot of exciting shades, recommended. The iridescent paint applied in thin layers makes the lighting sculpture become three-dimensional by picking color shades from the natural and daylight spectrum. The lighting scenarios can also be controlled by the audience!


4.SjøhestMot HorisontSkyetjpg6.SjøhestKveld1Yttredal

Sjøhesten, Slemmestad
Sjøhesten, Slemmestad



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